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Patek Philippe brand LOGO many uk replica watches friends know it is called "Calle Doraba cross", but you know his origin? In fact, its origin is in 1185, Spain, a city called Calle Loba by the Moorish aggression, the brave priest Raymond and knight Dío Velas Case led the people to die of the fake rolex watches war, eventually put Moorish drive away. Pastor (cross) and knight (sword), together will become a symbol of solemn and brave. This symbol represents the spirit of cooperation between Anthony Baida and Jane Philip. This is the origin of Patek Philippe LOGO, the LOGO from 1857 began to use. Like Patek Philippe friends will know Patek Philippe's "grenade", that today we went into the Patek Philippe aquanaut series 5167 5167A-001 watch, to come together to understand this "grenade". This watch was the uk replica watches duo dubbed the "grenade", in fact, and his dial design is inseparable. Dial with a black round design, the dial on the texture is very much like the longitude and latitude of the globe, more like a grenade surface lines, which is the watch Friends of the watch that "grenades" the main reason. Case material for the steel, the use of the drawing process, drawing process compared to the advantages of polishing technology is more resistant to scratch. Crown is also used in the steel material, in the crown on both sides of a pair of small shoulder pads, looks like two hills surrounded by the same This watch for the back through, you can look at the beautiful movement. This watch movement is very delicate, from the back through you can clearly see the polished very fine texture of Geneva, as well as the golden rudder. Movement also printed on Patek Philippe exclusive "Patek Philippe mark", on behalf of this watch excellent performance. 316F stainless steel case Strap is made of black rubber design, buckle for the steel folding buckle. Small promise that the watch, professional watch identification businessmen, your private watch consultant, spend the least price, play the most advanced watch, carefully build quality, with the feelings of decorative wrist, Barry pick one, especially with the core! All kinds of discussions are hot chat, there are many common hobby friends talk together, search 8401602 add WeChat, let us play together watch!