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First Zenith .Heritage Pilot Ton-Up This swiss replica watches is focused on highlighting the spirit of the knights, so first to understand the spirit of the next knight: "Knight Spirit" is the earliest meaning of equestrian. Elite warriors in the rolex replica uk Middle Ages are different from peasants, priests, and those who rely on their own technology as riders and warriors. The difference is that they have fast and strong horses, beautiful and attacking weapons and well-crafted armor , These are the identity of the time as micro. In the twelfth century, the meaning of the spirit of the knights turned into the overall norms of life. The basic code of the spirit of the knight is as follows: * Protect old and weak women and children. Fight against righteousness against injustice and evil. Love your home. * Fighting against the church. So that this Cheap Replica piaget Watches also represents a noble morality if the history and reality of the collection, this watch has more representative, with a morality of gentleman wind coolies (that is, heavy wind) Disk matte effect done very well. We try to open a large point of view, you can find that this is really good. Small details of the problem or Kazakhstan, two small circle depth is not enough, of course, the picture is not in an environment under the real shot, there will be different. In the font I feel really like, three-dimensional feeling super strong .. the head seems to be flat. Other details have not yet found more different. Overall is a very recommended engraved. The main look at the head and the junction of the ratio, structure, angle and other details, pay attention to observe the N plant, the shell in the proportion of absolutely no problem, it is rare steel material to do the same effect is the same, the head and the timer button contrast Look at both sides of the design. The head is the reference to the white steel big flying head to do, personally feel that is unique ah. Side button design style is quite creative, not using the smooth button on the left side of the design is consistent style, and two screws plus A limited edition OEM, N plant to the head of the number of valves and authentic consistent. The contrast of the details of the back engraving, N this re-engraved a popular is not groundless. In terms of proportion, font, pattern accuracy in all aspects of difficult to find flaws, the only feeling to me is a sense of three-dimensional slightly stronger Strap and clasp contrast, clasp note to see, genuine and engraved are deducted from the middle of a star-shaped groove, and then set into a five-pointed star, the details, N by a single do, no lazy. N plant really from the big fly began to belong to the top of the real work. This is the complex scale is high, the overall effect of the old praise, texture is very good, Yan called "Yan Wang" a watch, very beautiful. Very recommended a new big fly! Scissors industry, each person's way of publicity, practitioners have different ideas, are individuality of the individual, the latest thing is the need for the original accumulation to burst out, so the complex scissors can not be made out of a so-called perfect 1: 1, only in the discovery of a popular style, once again invested funds for the development of upgrades, I as a watch enthusiast is also a scoring business, in the commendable style appears, say it Excellent, description of the value for money, is the only thing I can do.